Amiga/Exotic Machine Links

AMIGA /Exotic Machine Links

Be! Inc. The makers of the new hacker platform, the Be Box!
Phase 5 See what Phase 5 has in store for the Amiga!! Power PC!
Club 100 The Club 100 Home Page. (The M100 is the first commercial laptop from '83 which is still used today by THOUSANDS! Find out why!) ;v)
TRS-80/Coco Although I love my Amiga... My coco was my first true Love... They have it all here... TRS-(Trash)80, M100, Coco 1/2/3, & more! Did you know that you can run a real time multitasking OS on these puppies called SO9?!!
Amiga International The officail International Amiga Page...
A-Web The Amiga Web Directory... Best onramp to Amy Web stuff!
Amy Commercial Listing of most of the Amiga Commercial Companies that support the Amy...
The Linux Journal The best Linux Journal/Zine around! Really cool Power Hack Zine!
SSC Inc. Publishers of Linux books. Really good little Linux links site.
The Linux Gazzette Good 'lectronic zine on dedicated to Llinux! Includes on line back issues!
L.D.P. The Linux Documentation Project. An AWSOME Linux site with TONS of docs, how to's, FAQ's, upcoming Linux events, and more! Check it!
Linux HCL&FAQ Go here for a good Linux FAQ and hardware compatability/troubleshooting issues.
Linux Red Hat FAQ Red Hat Distribution FAQ. Check it...
The Linux Counter See how many Linux boxes there roughly are! Wow.. I'm impressed! Look out Bill! Here we come!

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