SCSI {--} EtherNet Transceivers!

Research for using them with the Amiga!

Updated 24-Sep-97


Contact me if you want to take this page & data over.


Well,it looks like I have been chosen to head this project up--so here we go!

The purpose of this page is merely to consolidate (for public review) my findings, thus far, on the various SCSI {--} EtherNet solutions that we the Amiga community may have access to if we convince the right people that supporting our platform is worth while. I have also started a "Hardware Petition" that I am using to help leverage all the support we can. If you can see yourself wanting to buy such a device then go fill out the petition! This will help our cause greatly.

I will try and keep this page updated showing the latest info I have on the subject.

Keep the Faith,

Thomas Weeks
aka Tom D Tek

Quicky FAQ

What IS a SCSI{-}EtherNet Tranceiver? Basically, just a black box that hooks to a computer's SCSI bus to an EtherNet (Local Area Network) bus and lets you connect to an EtherNet TCP/IP network! i.e. Hook your Amy to PC's, Macs, UNIX, ISDN TAs or whatever!
How much do they go for? They can get a bit pricy ($150-300!) but I am checking around for the lowest...
Are there DRIVERS for these things for my Amiga? NOT YET! THAT is why we need Amiga programmers to come together to help work on this! EMAIL ME if you have the experience, skills, and resources (no beginners please)...

The Concept

Sorry... I know it looks like crap for now...

EtherNet{-}SCSI Support Petition For Amiga
Used to solicit support for the Amiga...

By sending in this entry, you are signing a petition to be used to solicit Amiga SCSI{-}ENet Transceiver hard/software support.

-- Only ONE Entry per person please --

Your Email:
Full Name:
Max $USD Willing to Pay for such a device:
Country(2 char):
Which EtherNet Interface(s) do you need?
10-Base2 (BNC thinwire)
10-BaseT (RJ-45 twisted pair: requires hub)
AUI (D-Sub 15 Locking)

Some related Links of Interest

Asante--Desktop EN/SC 6-7-97: Asante's solution to our problem! 10BaseT/2, D-Sub 25! Hmmm...

6-8-97: Email from an Eng. there indicates that this route is no longer feasible due to the "Desktop EN/SC's" discontinuation. >8v/ He *IS*, however, going to try and dig up some extras for us if anyone wants to play with them...

6-10-97: I'm going to email him back and ask him about doing an Amiga run of these devices for us, or buying rights to the device; Schematics, PCB layout, etc... Just to look into it.. that's all.

6-13-97: Hmmm...maybe we have a chance here. Latest reply: "Just wanted to let you know that the product managers are deciding on what to do on this. As soon as we hear something we'll let you know." !!! Keep your fingers crossed!

7-12-97: Word back was negative. I sent a final plea describing exactly what our needs are and how big we are (money wise) but I have heard nothing back.... 8v(

Sonic--microSCSI 6-7-97:Sonic's solution. Although may be poblematic due to funny power connector (ADB) and possible non-standard SCSI connector...

7-12-97 Forgot to mention... These people are willing to work thoguh us but they are looking for a few good programmers (Amiga), preferably tied to a company so that they can work through official channels... Any Takers?

RFC 2143 Covers IP over SCSI.

The Sonic MicroSCSI is pictured (just to show you what they look like)...

Readers Feedback & Good Info

Latest Info Letter
Around 24-Sep-97, Thomas Weeks typed:
}Around 24-Sep-97, Matthew Schinckel typed:
}}On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Thomas Weeks wrote:

}} Around 23-Sep-97, Matthew Schinckel typed:
}} }I now have in my possesion one of the Asante Desktop EN/SC 10T adaptors.
}} }I also have the Mac drivers for it, and I just need an Amiga driver :-(
}} }[...]
}} Cool!  Keep me posted!

}I will give you any info I find (or pointers to it) for you to stick on your
}Website.  I am willing to test any drivers anyone else writes, *if* anyone
}else writes a driver...:-(

I'll post this on my ENet page...



}} }Matt.
}} }}}
}} }Matthew Schinckel -                    Shapeshifter Registered
}} -                       (Yay Coopers Ale!)

Tom D Tek

Info Letter #1
Here's some more info I dug up:

The Dayna SCSI/Link (looks like a box of matches) use the 
following chips internally: (your page mentioned you may 
want to know the PCB layout, so maybe this will interest you):
   Zilog Z180 (CPU)
   DP5380V (SCSI)
   62255L-85 (32K RAM)
   32K EPROM (didn't get exact size, I think it's 32K)
   20 MHz crystal
   DP83902VF (Ethernet)
   Dallas DS1232 (MicroMonitor)
   Other discrete componants for various things.

The Dayna Pocket SCSI/Link (aka Xircom Pocket EtherTalk Adaptor) (This is the one I described as a "fat wallet") Zilog Z181 (CPU - Z80 variant) Other chips the same as above, although almost all chips are surface mount and/or smaller packages of the above chips, as this model is much smaller than the original SCSI/Link.

John Wittkoski

the m68k (maybe others too?) NetBSD ports have a se0 driver 
for a Cabletron SCSI-Enet device. I don't know how close the 
commands are to these models, but it may be a good starting point 
if someone is going to write a driver.


John Wittkoski
[Any Takers???!!! Although not sure if they produce this any longer...]

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