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By Tom D Tek

Quote from my Pro-AMIGA Mail Responce

It is the appreciation of the beauty of the [AMIGA ] platform, it's OS, and what its strikingly rebellious image stands for that binds us together and strengthens us -- even as there has been no stable parent company or single, well organised, over seeing entity for the platform for over 3 years now. (c) T.Weeks, 1997



AMIGA Software Links

Best Amiga SMTP/POP3 Mail package I've seen!
Amiga GIF Toolkit! Do ALL your WEB work on the Amiga with this package!
IBrowse: Best Amiga Browser out there!
AL'S Page Al Angus' IBrowse add on page! Change your buttons, xfer anim, add mailers, program links, etc! A MUST for IB users!
AWeb Amiga Browser Hope Page
Another Amiga Browser's Home Page
Best Amiga GUI FTP Program I've used
Lightning Turtle Software Amiga Software Company that stocks both new & old software favorites!

MY OWN AMIGA Soft-Creations

Amiga WB STTNG Theme!

Way cool backdrop of Star Trek The NExt Gen Console panel complete with sound effects for system events and a couple cool startup sound files! I have had a lot of requests for this...

_NOTE_: It DOES require a share ware program called Noisome off Aminet.

AMIGA Commercial Links

AmiTrix Development AmiTrix... CDTV Products, Ethernet hardware, etc!
Phase 5 See what Phase 5 has in store for the Amiga!! Power PC!
Amiga YP Amiga Yellow Pages is your one stop point of any and all Amiga related hard/software POCs... Check it out!
Gateway 2000 The new owner of Amiga. They finance the corperate building and R&D for the platform now. Also owns rights to the OS and chipset.
Amiga International The GW2k owned comany that heads up the production and Corp. R&D for the platform.
N.American Dealers The places in N. America where new Amigas can be purchased.
ICS A company who is currently co-producing the Amiga 1200 and 4000 towers. Uses updated EIDE(YUK!) interface for using 4 IDE drives.
Amiga News A link to AWEB's (cucug) latest Amiga News feed!
EE Times Article on Amiga Much Respected EE Times: "Hola, Amiga/Rebirth of a Platform"
* Pro-AMIGA Mail Response (local file) A confused user emailed me asking me what he could do (if anything) with his aging A500/GVP-A530 system as it sits next to his new pentium. My initial response turned into a lengthy "Pro-Amiga" speech that one would expect to find in an Amy-Advocacy group discussion. I kept it, however, for its rich patriotic content... I think the latter half embodies what we Amiga users are all about. Check it out! See if you agree! (c) T.Weeks, 1997
The Spock Linklist One of the Best Amy/Computer/Electronic Mega-Links Around!
Browser Watch PUT THIS ON YOUR AMIGA PAGE and let the world know you use an Amiga Browser!
SCSI {--} EtherNet Adaptor for AMIGA ?!! My own page showing my meager efforts to rally support for the Amiga to be able to use these wonderful little devices that would allow us all to put our machines on EtherNet LANs!

Tom's Amiga Hotlist

Tom's Amiga Hotlist

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