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If you are a red boxxing, pHrAcK wanna-B, this is NOT the place for you... This area is dedicated to AMIGA hardware hacks that appreciate the finer points of creating/modifying hardware systems; for people who KNOW and wish to learn... not for war dial'n, cell phone hack'n kids! >8v/

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The Tower Of Power Hack

aka "The Franken-Amiga Hack"... ;v)

This is basically a set of documents, both in picture & txt forms, that steps a user through the process of hAcKiNg a standard Amiga 500 into a black tower case. This project requires a GOOD amount of experience with soldering, troubleshooting, and a lot of time and patience. This project is NOT for the beginner or faint of heart!

Click HERE to read the ASCII portion of the hack file.

HERE to FTP the whole lha file from 
wustl. Click Here to FTP the whole lha file from Aminet @ wustl.

If you can't get in via the above link, then search
their system for top_hk14.lha.

Some Of My Other Hacks
Name DescriptionPicture/FTP:Link
NTSC/PAL Switch Best ECS NTSC/PAL switch hack I have seen as of yet. Debounced, buffered, w/LED indicator. IFF / JPG
A1000 Audio Switch A simple A1000 audio LPF (low pass filter) switch. IFF / JPG
A500 Skick RTB/PAT Files


The Skick files needed to softkick the 3.1 KS Rom (40.63) into RAM and run 3.1 on your A500! (Thanx to an unknown--friendly UseNet user!)

**NOTE: Don't EVEN call me a pirate. I BOUGHT the ROMS TWICE! and both times was sent bad units! (Thanx Oregon Research!) And DON'T ask me for a ROM image either! You won't get it!
Local .lha file
Skick (the program)


This is off the WUSTL Aminet site via util/boot/skick343.lha WUSTL FTP

Tom-D-Tek, Tech Tips

This section was stared when a user asked me a simple tech-y question (thus TDTTT#1). I then realized that the keeping such technical information to myself was not edifying for the amiga/tech-y community as a whole. So anyway... hope some of you get some technical use out of this stuff. Please feel free to contact me about any mistakes (technical or grammatical in nature (PLEASE! I have no spell checker in DPaint!)) or special subject requests. Keep an eye on this section as I will continually add to it over time. UPDATED: 24-Nov-97
TDTTT # Tech Tip Description Technical Difficulty
GIF Images
#1, 26-Oct-97 "How to Fix a Broken DIP Chip Pin": Gives a graphical step by step process of how to technically attack a broken pin on a DIP chip.
3bit GS 640x680
#2, 26-Oct-97 "Voltage Dividers and Ohms Law": Basic down and dirty tutorial I whipped up for some guy who was having problems understanding how a shorted mother board could make it look like his power supply was not putting out 5V. (I had really gone round and round with him via email.. and saw that he needed pics & formulas... at least he could not argue with THEM! well.. maybe the pics... heh)
1bit BW 640x680
-More To Come-

Tom-D-Tek Tech Suggestions

This is a compilation of Technical Suggestions and help that I have given users over the past few months. I decided it would be best if I started archiving the help files that may be of use to other Amiga hacks/users that may need such information. Much of the content below is unedited, un-spell-checked, and basically just full of RAW type-os and the like... but I think that the technical content makes it is worth tolerating.. heh.. UPDATED: 25-June-98

TDTTS # Tech Suggestion Description
A500 R5 Agnus Hack This poor guy had an A500 mobo that had a lifted solder pad trace for his Agnus' A19 address line which allows the addressing of the full 1M of Chip RAM. Anyway, this email documents not only how to fix it... but what the 1Meg hack entails on a rev 5 motherboard. Good stuff.
A500 R6 Jumpers This guy wanted to know what all the jupers on the A500 are for... Since the Rev 5 does not have jumpers but just jumper pads... it sounded like he needed the info for a rev6 mobo. Well.. That's what I gave him anyway. whatever.. Useful info none the less.
A500 Blown Video Hybrid This person plugged something in wrongs and the machine stopped displaying... he went on to describe the exact symptoms of a blown Video Hybrid (the custom 'chip' that does the RGB/Video level "magic" in the 500/2000). Anyway, I used the blown resisitors that he gave me to track it down in the schems. This is also a hard item to get ahold of and may make the A500 not worth fixing... Check it out.
A500_Floppy-swap This guy wanted to know what all was needed to swap his A500's external and internal floppy drives. Piece-o-cake. Actually, it's the same thing you need to do to hack a HD A2000 floppy drive, or any other floppy drive (minus jumper games) into the A500 internal drive bay.
A500_JP2 This guy damaged his JP2 on his A500. I go into detail about how to repair the jumper pad and also what JP2 is used for in the A500 and how to make use of it... Also tell why most pro-audio tech's are better with a soldering iron than most of today's top notch, card swapping, self proclaimed "PC techs", around! hehe
A2000 Power Supply This person had a blown A2000 power suply and was trying to adapt a PC supply in it's place. It can be done and I have done it, but there are a couple considerations that need to be addressed. I did not research this heavily for the guy, just gave him the basic pinout he was needing... Some more useful info I guess...
RBG_port_pico-fuse Having problems with genlocks or other RGB port devices on the A2000? You may have a blown pico fuse... Here's how to diagnose and fix it.
HD Floppy Woes This user was having problems using a HD disk both in his DSDD Amiga floppy AND his HD IBM floppy... This details the differences between the drives, how to trick the HD drives into thinking they are using DD disks, and also goes over what is needed to R/W IBM (FAT16) formatted disks on various Amiga systems.
Blown Par Port/A1000 I think this guy had the parallel and serial ports mixed up on his A1000. Anyway, this doc touches on the custom chips and how they work with the parallel and serial ports. Also goes over the gener diff's between the 1000 and other machines, as well as some RS-232 folklore. If nayone is interesting in the A1000's parallel port hack to standardize the connector, then tell me and I'll add it to this doc.
Reseat your Agnus! This user had the dreaded "green screen" (dead Chip RAM). But WAIT! Before buying more RAM and making a big soldering mess... Check out the Agnus... She is a prime canidate here! This covers the way in whcih one can qucikly and safely reseat the agnus to see if that is the only problem! Very useful and time saving tech tip!
Serial to Amy Mouse Hack? Can you make a serial mouse into an Amiga mouse by changing wires or voltage levels? NO! Here's why.
_XCLK Data A bit of help for one of my hack buddies. Just shows some info on how the _XCLK line is used on the 500/CDTV. Useful for doing genlock or Agnus/Clock hacking.
HTML_Color_help This guy was looking for some help in using HTML HEX color codes... This does a simple job at spelling it out and gives a good HTML learning ref.
IBM_and_amy_disks This gentleman was wanting to know what the trick was to using IBM and Amiga disks between systems. His English was bad so understanding him was a bit of a job. But after a while, I got his meaning and I got him the info he was looking for (two separate messages merged).
pcb_design This is a basic low down on how to use DPaint to do PCB design, and then print it out, transfer it to copper, and etch your own PC boards! Fun fun!
---More Groovy Way Cool Stuff to Come... I need some sleep rigth now.. heh..---


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The Hardware Book
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A hAcK buddy of mine... His hack page sports: A2000/3000/CDTV KB Hack.(Does CTRL-A-A !), "On Mobo" 2M Chip RAM Hack for >Rev 6.x A2000's, Revised & Corrected Home Brew Spartan SCSI Controller Project(A500/1000), & more!

Hack ToolDescription

The Leatherman "Super Tool"

THE ultimate pocket tool for Hacks & Geeks... A MUST! I have gone through several swiss army knives--don't bother! This thing has locking blades, "between size" phillips head, two flat heads, wire cutters, an awl, a big file, a SHARP blade, a serrated blade, Needle Nose Pliers, a bone saw, can opener, and more! An Absolute MUST for any serious hardware geek or tech! I use mine every day!

The Dremel Moto-Tool

VERY Handy "Cut, Bore, Grind, Strip, Drill ANYTHING" (at 30,000 RPM) tool! Do metal work on your computer case, cut off a master lock like BUTTER, drill your won P.C. project board holes, heck--do your own DENTAL work! hehe... Best tool investment I've made (under my Leatherman!)
---Any Suggestions?---

Way Cool Snap Shots!

The 32 bit, pre-emptive multitasking, GUI driven, SUPER OS: AmigaDOS! All this since 1985!
(well.. most of it anyway.. hehe)
My Amiga running AmigaDOS, MacOS 7.5, and MS-DOS all at the same time!

A Picture of my complete system featuring a Toshiba Timm 20" Television/Monitor running in 15kHz mode...

A Way Cool A3000 Tower Hack (pics only)

For Info, Contact Jose Javier BARBERIA at:

Picture # Description Picture# Description Picture# Description
1 Shows A3000 Case + Tower Case 3 Case & Tower put together 4 A view from the front
5 Shows Case + Tower from rear 6 Add the mother board 7 Faceplates added and it's hooked up
8 Mother Board fully hooked up 9 About ready to put the cover on 10 A3000 case in vertical locked position
12 Close up frontal! Shows SyQuest drive and graphic EQ! 13 All Together & Running! 14 The Custom 3000T's creator

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