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Personal 411 & Intralinks

My Resume!

Tweeks' Geek Photos. Tom's favorite geeky pictures...

Tweeks' Hack Page: Some of my other non-Amiga related hacks.

Tom's HTML Stuff... A couple pages I have designed, some of my graphic tools, raytracing tools, browsers, ASCII/Lynx links, etc...

X-otic Computer Systems of San Antonio: Monthly announcement telling what, where, and when concerning this way-cool computer users group for the "Powerfully Diverse" power user!

OTHER Way-Cool Amiga/Exotic Machine Links

Tom's StRaNgE Page :Mouse-eating bugs! Exploding Grapes! Stawberry Pop-Tarts (TM) Shooting 3 ft flames! WHHOOAAA!

Older or Stale Pages

Tom D Tek's Amiga Hack Page: Some of the hacks I have published on line. And the "AMIGA HackNet" with links to OTHER Amiga hacks on the web!


Amiga Links!: YAM email, GIF Tools, AmiTrix, National Amiga, etc!

WEB/Computer/Electronics Related Links

The Planet Earth Comprehensive Virtual Image Map! The starting point for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! Check it out! [Seems to be Down... Anyone know whassup here?]

Spock's Bookmark file! A waaay cool BIG bookmark file with all the useful techy, computer, consumer electronics, FUN stuff you can THINK of! (Very useful link! Check it out!)

AlTex... The best local electronics/computers parts & surplus we have here in San Antonio. Home for many of us SA Hacks on the weekends! hehe

E-LAB... A unique electronics components company that has it all! Need LCD shutters for your VR helmet? This is the place!

Digi-Key Online! Your one stop shopping link for any and all electronics components! Features ON LINE catalog in Acro-Format and a fully comprehensive component search tool!

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